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We were honestly a bit skeptical until we saw our first interviews come in - it blew us away. Alpharun immediately uncovered product and sales improvements that saved multiple deals. It's now an essential part of our sales motion.

Max Greenwald
CEO, Warmly

I just took an interview with your product and I’m blown away.  Amazing...can you please lmk your basic pricing model? Great work on the product.

An Alpharun interview participant
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B2B revenue teams are flying blind

Convoluted dashboards and CRM data like "Closed Lost Reason: Product" don't answer critical revenue questions.

What's stopping customers from converting during their trial?

Why do we lose customers to this competitor?

What's really preventing us from winning more deals?

What are the product gaps that really cause churn?


Instant, in-depth customer interviews

Choose what you want to learn

Get started quickly with industry-proven templates for win/loss analysis, churn prevention, and more. Just send your interview link to customers and start receiving interviews.

Customers complete AI voice surveys

With dynamic AI clarifying questions and ultra-high completion rates, Alpharun produces remarkably detailed interviews and a great experience for your customers.

Get transcripts and insights

As customers complete interviews (and receive optional gift cards), you'll receive detailed transcripts and actionable AI-powered insights to improve your sales and product experience.

Transform win rates and customer retention with Alpharun

Customer interviews are time-consuming and expensive
Ongoing, high-fidelity customer interviews at scale
Untrusted, non-actionable CRM data like “Closed Lost Reason: Product”
Dynamic AI-powered interview questions uncover the “why” behind every customer response
Because of human psychology, customers withhold their most honest feedback when talking directly to your team
Unlock incredibly candid feedback that your team would never hear directly
Busy customers are unresponsive to your success team, and smaller customers don't have an assigned CSM
Dramatically higher engagement with 3 minute voice interviews that require no scheduling and can include a gift card

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